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Taormina Coastline

The Taormina Coastline tours depart from the Giardini Naxos harbor and are fully customizable. You will be able to choose your departure time, onboard activities and meals.

Pick-up service
Your driver will pick you up at your location in Taormina or Giardini Naxos with a Mercedes minivan with AC.

After embarking on the yacht you will be given welcome drinks and a warm greeting from our captain and crew. The navigation route will incude some of the most iconic spots in the Taormina coastline such as Grotta Azzurra (The Blue Grotto), Isola Bella, Love Bay and the filming location for the famous French movie “Le Grand Bleu” which is currently a scenic luxury rerstaurant.

Depending on the length of your tour the crew will anchor in one or two lagoons for a swimming or snorkeling stop, where we will serve you drinks, snacks and your meal of choice.

Visit the “On board Activities” section to choose from our many services available on the Futura Yacht such as Snorkeling, Fishing, Scuba Diving, dining, special events and more!

The Aeolian Islands

It takes roughly 8 hours to reach the closest Island, Lipari, followed by Vulcano, the most visited islands due to their proximity.

Navigation to the islands starts in the early morning leaving enough time to spend an afternoon in Lipari or Vulcano and return to Taormina late at night. However, we recommend to overnight at least one night to visit both Lipari and Vulcano with plenty of time. During navigation, crew will give you recommendations on which spots to visit whilst on land and help create a schedule.

Guests may choose to sleep onboard or choose an hotel, as well as dining on board or dining in one of the many beautiful restaurants on land.

Visit our “On board activity” section on the top menu to add activities to your trip such as snorkeling or scuba diving.

Please note: extra costs apply for further distant islands as well as for harbor docking vs. anchoring. Docking fees will be provided by email after your request, so you may decide to opt for anchoring instead.

A busy little port with a pretty and pastel-coloured seafront, it makes the most convenient base for island-hopping. Away from the town, Lipari reveals a rugged and typically Mediterranean landscape of low-lying, silent, windswept highlands, precipitous cliffs and dreamy blue waters. Top sites: Quattrocchi viewpoint, City center, Archaeological museum, Lipari fortress, fishermen harbor.

Near the port you are struck, both by the beauty of the place, and by the acrid smell of sulphur which fills the air. This phenomenon, which you soon get used to, is due to the active volcano. The most famous site on the island in fact is the mud baths known for rejeuvenating skin but also leaving distinct smell on your body as a souvenir from the island!

Salina is best known for its gastronomy, three products: fish, capers and a sweet dessert wine called Malvasia and its beaches. Though many of the beaches are rocky rather than sandy, the water is extremely clean and home to a wide variety of sea animals, plants, caves and submerged volcanic craters. The bay at Pollara (where several scenes of Il Postino was filmed) is one of the most splendid in the entire Aeolian archipelago.

This active volcano is famous for its huge explosions and constant eruptions that light up the sky at night. For this reason, the best time to visit is at sunset, whilst admiring the view from a distance.

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